Twitter embarrasses Samsung for faking the camera quality on its Galaxy S23 Ultra phones!

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As we all know, Samsung is one of the most famous and biggest electronic device companies and got involved in an embarrassing incident. It is one of the giants of phones today. It was taken with a phone camera.

The validity of Twitter tweets and Samsung’s response to them

This image in the paid advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is said to be a review of the 100x “Zoom” zoom feature with the phone’s camera lens, suggesting that it can capture a high-quality close-up of the moon. clear and without problems.

This isn’t the first time that the moon photos taken with the phone’s lens have been accused of being fake, as even when the phone was first released, users had doubted the authenticity of these photos and a user on the Reddit platform had done an extensive analysis to prove the validity this hypothesis. These doubts were met with strong rejection from the Korean giant, as Samsung explained at the time that the phone used advanced techniques to capture such images.

In the most recent tweet, Samsung released the statement, “The moon has no dark side,” as a form of marketing and advertising for the phone’s camera and its ability to easily take close-up photos of the moon itself. However, thanks to Twitter’s new community notification system, a notice was placed alongside the tweet that Samsung is faking moon photos and making them look cleaner than they are.

Samsung is now in the unenviable position of spending money to advertise a new product, which ended up being the exact opposite, and we can’t sum up what happened to the Samsung company any better than saying that Twitter embarrassed Samsung!

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