The Governor of Shabwa confirms the county’s need for specialized and diverse health facilities.

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Shabwa ((Aden of tomorrow)) special

The Governor of Shabwa, Sheikh Awad Ibn al-Wazir, emphasized the governorate’s need for specialized and diversified health facilities capable of serving people’s health away from the hassle of looking for them outside the governorate.
This happened during his inspection visit to Shabwa General Hospital for Maternity and Childhood in the city of Ataq. Who
During which he toured the various departments of the hospital and was informed about the level of medical services provided to patients, praising the tangible development in it, pointing out its qualitative transformations towards specialization in the field of maternal and child diseases, emphasizing his absolute support for it, praising the level of discipline of the health staff of the hospital, and their sincerity and dedication to serving patients, praising With the interventions of the Belgian Doctors beyond Borders organization, the diagnostic capabilities of the hospital in the field of children’s diseases, noting the extent of suffering. of morbidity among children and women in particular.
During the visit, in which he was accompanied by the deputy secretary of the governor, Ahmed Al-Daghari, the governor listened to a brief explanation by the director of the hospital, Dr. Saleh Al-Homsi, about the conditions of the hospital, drawing attention to the special medical skills in which he is currently working.

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