After its victory over Al-Minaa… Aden Unit grabs the ticket to the semi-finals of the Aden Youth Football League

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The youth of Wahdat Aden reached the qualification card for the semi-finals after winning 1-0 against their opponent Al-Minaa in the match that took place on Monday afternoon at the Shahid Al-Hubaishi Stadium, at the opening of the fourth round for the first group of the Aden Football League for Youth, which is organized by the Aden Football Association under the auspices of the Youth and Sports Department of the Transitional Council. The South and the support of the Leader International Group and under the supervision of the Youth. and Sports Office in the capital, Aden.

The Aden Unit team earned a full score of 9 points at the top of the first group of three matches it played in the tournament, which grabbed from it the qualification card for the semi-finals, while the balance of Al-Minaa froze at 4 points in second place
The players of Al-Minaa played one of the strongest matches and stood strong against their opponent, the players of Aden Unit, in the protocol of the match, the course of which witnessed a clear division and equality in efficiency and level, and even in terms of attacks. and their danger to the goal scorers, due to the remarkable brilliance of the goalkeepers of the two teams.

The first half of the match, the two teams registered a positive presence, with a slight superiority to the attacking line of the Aden unit, which was able to get out of the first period test with a single goal scored in the 25th minute of the first. half, at the feet of the genius striker Zaid Jihad Zaid.

The danger of the Al-Minaa team seemed clear from the beginning of the second half, especially after the substitutions made by the Al-Minaa coach, which greatly helped to revitalize the team’s attacking line and gave a strong boost to Al-Minaa, the more a good team in this half, presenting a clear threat to the goal and defense of the solid Aden unit. They were alert and prevented the impact and danger of all Minawan attempts.

On the other hand, the Aden unit depended on counterattacks, relying on the speed of attacking the dangerous Salem Al-Salahi, who on more than one occasion almost increased the difference, and with the passage of time, the Al-Minaa team. intensified its attacks, but all failed to change the result, until the match referee whistled, announcing the victory of the team. Aden unit with a goal without an answer.

The match was moderated by referee Ahmed Al-Wahishi (string) and assisted on the lines by Nael Awshan (first assistant), Mazen Abdel Samad (second assistant), and Abdullah Al-Azani (fourth). It was monitored by captain Fathi Ahmed Abdel Hafeez, and retired referee Salim Mahmoud was an analyst of the referees.

The award for the best player in the match was won by the star of the Aden unit (Zaid Jihad Zaid), and he received it from the hand of the stadium, Khaled Alawi Bahbah, president of Al-Jazira Club.
Congratulations to the Aden team for winning and qualifying for the semi-finals.

*By Saeed Naji Omar

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