Operation Balance of Justice?!| Written by Sabri bin Makhashin

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The security services and the army, the “Hadramaut Elite”, carried out the decision of the Security Committee in Hadramaut, headed by Mr. Mabkhout bin Madi, Governor of Hadramaut, an operation called “The Balance of Justice.” Its purpose, according to the statement of the Security Committee in Hadramaut, was to impose security and arrest those wanted by security forces and those who were disorderly and the law in the Dis Al-Mukalla region, especially Hafti and the Bedouin neighborhoods and Basweed. the military operation was 50 to 60 percent successful, and it was accompanied by serious mistakes in the treatment of the attacks against the targeted elements. The leaked videos showed those mistakes, which some human rights observers described as crimes against humanity.

The truth is that military and security interaction is not the complete solution to such problems or security problems, and the operation did not take into account the importance of the region and its heroic youth, most of whom were influential security and military elements in the Hadrami. struggle movement They were the first to resist the arrogance and arrogance of the Yemeni occupation at that time, and they faced the army and central security forces, fought battles, tours of arrival and recorded heroic epics. In the Hadhrami uprising of 2013, they participated in the liberation of Aden and the liberation of Mukalla, including dozens of righteous martyrs.

Today, some of them are wanted by security forces, or as they are described, out of order and the law, for reasons that must be studied by the authority and the security committee in Hadramaut. These were security and military members who were removed from their jobs, some of them arbitrarily by their leaders, and some frustration with the living conditions, the collapse of services, the rise in prices and the spread of brutal corruption in some facilities and the corridors of power. The period when some security crimes . were made by those young people.

There is no doubt that we stand strongly with the state, the authority, the security and military services, the Hadrami elite and the Balance of Justice process, but it is not the whole solution and will not be the whole solution. The Security Committee in general and its leader in particular must stand seriously in front of this process and evaluate it well and know the dimensions and effects of this process and how to deal with it in a different way by… Rehabilitation of those young people, dealing with a spirit of responsibility towards them, working to reconcile and fixing things, finding solutions to their problems, terminating and returning them to their jobs, and giving them another chance for a decent, good life. They are a force that Hadhramout needs, and they must not be exploited by the forces of terrorism and evil in a situation where they no longer have hope of accepting repentance, obtaining forgiveness and reforming their working conditions. And life.

We all watched the videos of the attacks of Operation Mizan al-Adl, which showed the misery and extreme poverty experienced by those people, their children, and their families, which created great sympathy for them.
I also know the sad stories of some of those young people. They are among the best moral men, the most courageous, and the most dedicated to their work and serving the people. They have a record of struggle that every decent and just person. can be proud of them. However, they were subjected to injustice by their military and security leaders, and the “hard currency” incentive was cut off from them, and their Yemeni salaries were also cut, and they became… They are poor. and cannot find food for themselves and their children. They have only found other ways to live, and they are neither murderers nor terrorists. Their cases are to be solved in the hands of the authorities. There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of the youth of Hadramaut. who have been subjected to injustice and persecution by their security and military leaders. They may soon become law and order outlaws if a committee is not formed to study them. These cases, finding solutions for them, and returning them to their work.

“Scales of Justice” must be a name to spread justice, justice to the oppressed, and deal with the spirit of the law and not just its letter. We advise to start the second part of the reform, forgiveness and tolerance of the operation after the success of the first military and security part, to heal the wounds and not let the wound of the operation prolong and any future consequences appear at any moment of weakness for the tat and exploit it. Terrorist elements include those young people, their relatives. , or their sympathizers from the people of Hafti, the Bedouin neighborhoods, Basweed, Al-Dis, Al-Mukalla, and Hadhramaut in general.

I hope that these advice and words will find listening ears and sincere hearts to act on them and save the lives of tens and hundreds of young people and families on which they spend their positive energies for the benefit of Hadramaut and the country.

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