October… the anniversary of the founding of the Yemeni Socialist Party

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Sanaa ((Aden of tomorrow)) Special:

#Adrian Mahmoud
The thirteenth of October 1978 AD had great historical importance, represented by the meeting of the socialist comrades from all parts of Yemen in the framework of a national conference that laid the foundation and foundations for a unified, massive Arab party that will liberate the Yemenis. of the shadowy ideas and dictatorship that haunt them and move them from one state to another, better, where there is freedom. Justice and equality and move them from weakness to strength and from fragmentation to unity. The Socialist Party, which was launched with its organizational framework on this date, expressed the aspirations and interests of the Yemeni masses in every inch of this pure land.
A party whose path of struggle depended on a comprehensive national program that makes Yemen able to face internal challenges and difficulties and the projects of the enemies of the nation in general, and the enemies of Yemen in particular, who target Yemen in its country, wealth, independence and sovereignty. It adopted development and modernization with the demands of the stages, just as it adopted to educate the masses of the southern part of Yemen. Al-Habib and raise its cultural and social level that serves the supreme national interests. of the nation. He also designed, and still designs, the way to achieve those interests, just as the party emphasized national unity, and it has always tried, since its foundation, to work to unite Yemen, north and south, and there. this is witnessed by a lot of historical evidence. That is, from conferences and meetings with the leadership in the North, until the unity was achieved in the year 1990 AD It was the Socialist Party and its leaders who opened the way for it and worked for it. , if it were not for the sting in his side of the leadership of the North due to the greed to monopolize power..
Because the Socialist Party came in response to the Yemeni mass movement throughout the nation, and demonstrated, through its principles, goals and struggles, maturity and awareness in the intellectual and practical theoretical treatment that the masses of the nation had long sought, a way out and a way out of division and backwardness to unity, progress and a free and dignified life, to a comprehensive renaissance of the nation from Its failure and the remains of colonialism, a renaissance based on national consciousness and consolidating the foundations of national unity in the Yemeni country, able to face internal and external challenges.
The people’s national unity, which believes in the goals and principles of the party, especially the members of the Socialist Party, played a solid role in defending the southern country of Yemen against those who hate nationalist thought. The comrades in the Socialist Party in the Arab countries also had a contribution to face those who hate Yemen, who tried to harm it and bring it into absurd wars that ended. With the victory of truth over falsehood and raising its flag high again.
The socialists, wherever they were, stood with courage and determination before those associated with the enemies of the motherland, whose hands were stained with the blood of the Western dollar.
Yes, the Socialist Party is a mass nationalist fighting movement with fixed goals and principles, since the birth of the party, which represented a historic national event, and we see that Arab nationalist thought was, and continues to be, the torch that illuminated and illuminates. the path of the Yemeni nationalist unity struggle, and the socialists struggled, and still are, to achieve goals. The high principles of the party are the goals and aspirations of the Yemeni masses, to achieve unity, freedom, socialism, partnership, independence and equality .
Tribute to all the fighters of the Socialist Party in the countries of the country. Salute to the Yemeni people seeking justice, equality and democracy. Salute to every member of this ancient party who strives to spread love and peace throughout the country… Salute to them as they rejected humiliation and submission and rejected the occupation of Yemeni land..

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