President Ali Nasser Muhammad comments on the speech of the Secretary General of the Arab Peace Group, Samir Habashneh.. What did he say?

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President Ali Nasser Muhammad commented on the speech of the Secretary General of the Arab Peace Group, Samir Habashneh

President Ali Nasser said in his comment about the Secretary General of the Arab Peace Group, Samir Habashneh, “Dear friend, His Excellency Minister Samir Habashneh, Secretary General of the Arab Peace Group.
We listened to your conversation with Sky News, and we thank you and appreciate your sincere national and humanitarian attitude towards the Palestinian people.

He added, “I felt proud that there are men like you in this nation who carry in their hearts the Palestinian cause in particular and the affairs of the nation in general. Indeed, you have honestly expressed the position and voice of the Arab Peace Group, who seeks peace for this nation and not surrender. I remember the Arab and popular position in 1973 next to Egypt.” Both Syria and Palestine when Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Yemen and other countries sent military aid and military forces to the battle fronts in Syria. and Egypt. We do not forget the position of King Faisal, may God have mercy on him, who stood with Egypt, Syria and Palestine and always spoke of his desire to pray in Al-Aqsa, but he was martyred without fulfilling this desire. King Faisal, Sheikh Zayed, may God have mercy on them, and others stopped oil exports during the war in solidarity with the brothers in Egypt and Syria. Sheikh Zayed famously said that Arab oil is no more precious than Arab blood.

He continued, “Today we need such nationalist positions to defend Gaza, which is under siege and suffering from cuts in water, electricity, internet, communications and food. Gaza today is considered the largest open prison in the world.”
The lights went out, and we only saw the lights of explosions, fires, aerial bombardments and the destruction of homes on innocent civilians. Despite this, the flame of life, struggle and the will to win did not go out in the hearts of millions in Palestine and other masses who love peace and justice.

Glory and eternity to the martyrs…
And speedy recovery to the injured

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