Terrible scenes and situations from Palestine and the story of journalist Moataz, who found his family in pieces Written by Ali Mansour Moqrat

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Yesterday, I followed the story of Palestinian guerrilla journalist Moataz Aziza, carrying his camera to document the brutal criminal massacres carried out by the Israeli occupation state in the land of Arabism, Palestine, and the Gaza Strip, through the bombing that destroyed those clean cities and exterminated people, women, children and men.
Journalist Moataz Aziza went to his family’s home on Aziza Street in Deir al-Balah in the Gaza Strip when he found that the house had been bombed. He did not believe it until he saw the remains of his family, numbering 15 members, no one. of which survived. He began to cry as he and other citizens tried to collect from below the remains of children, women and the elderly. The rubble of the ruins of the house… Imagine these crimes, and thousands of people like them are still lying dead under the garbage. The cities of the Gaza Strip were destroyed with all the crimes of destruction and displacement. What is happening today in Palestine is unprecedented… It is true that the heroes of the Hamas guerrillas entered history as they entered. the walls and realized an epic that was unprecedented. It was kept in mind by the Israeli enemy and will continue to be remembered by generations, and as Dr. Adnan Al-Jifri said, it should be documented and taught in modern school curricula. .. because observers are still analyzing how the heroes reached the Israeli depths and carried out an operation… from which Israel will not recover and will not recover even after decades and centuries.
Today, according to information, the death toll of the Israeli occupation has reached more than 1,300 dead, and the war has been going on for about a week. Gaza is still holding, and the aggression is launching its attack and bombing. with all the prohibited weapons. It is preparing to sweep the Strip. But he realizes that this time is his end, no matter what kinds of logistical support he receives from America and others.
The Arab peoples must take bold decisions and not submit to the betrayal of their despicable leaders, and remain silent against those who normalize with the Zionists.
The positions of the Yemeni people are known to the people of Palestine. During the former state of the South, the good man, President Ali Nasser Muhammad, allowed arms support to our people in Palestine, despite the objection of the former ally, the Soviets. Union. This is a story of His Excellency President Ali Nasser Muhammad, and his example, the leader Abdel Nasser, the great leader Saddam Hussein, and others. Yesterday, I listened to the speeches of the late president Ali Abdullah Saleh in support of Palestine. The man spoke bravely. But today I have not heard any Arab leader speak freely, at least. I expect that countries like Egypt, Turkey and Iran will not remain silent. Peace will not come unless In solving the Palestinian problem, I heard no more. American planes will do no good. Hamas will not be defeated, and Gaza will not fall to the Israeli armored vehicles. It has tunnels, and Israel will lose and be defeated. The Arab nation must wake up.
Salute to our heroic Palestinian people.

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