A former broadcaster in Al-Hadath TV talks about the solidarity demonstrations in Yemen with Palestine

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Specialty:

The former Yemeni broadcaster at the Saudi Al-Hadath channel, Dr. Asma Rajeh, spoke about the mass demonstrations taking place in various Yemeni governorates in solidarity with the Palestinian people as a result of the brutal Israeli aggression.

Rajeh said in a post on his page on the “X” platform: “The genuine, proud people, despite the pain at the peak of war and pain, came out to support everyone for a long time, and we are every Arab thing. engraved in the conscience of every Yemeni.”

Rajeh commented on the demonstrations that took place in the city of Taiz, saying: “This scene tells the world that Yemenis know the value of losing the homeland of a dear people who deserve life and even call on everyone to live with dignity. Here . the question is, did the peoples come out because of Yemen 🇾🇪?”

The Yemeni governorate attended several mass demonstrations in support of Palestine and in solidarity with the Gaza Strip, which has been subjected to continuous Israeli bombardment for days.

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