A spokesman for the army of the Zionist entity comments on the interception of missiles from Yemen

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Aden Al-Ghad / Agencies

The spokesman for the Israeli army to the Arab media, Avichay Adraee, commented on the announcement by the US military that it has intercepted missiles launched from Yemen and the possibility that they are headed for Israel, on Thursday.
Adraee said in a blog post on his Middle East page: Intercepting the threat indicates US capabilities in the region…”

He continued: “The State of Israel has one of the best air defense capabilities in the world. It is ready to deal with such threats as well. The IDF and the US Army Central Command have the capabilities of coordination, image crystallization and cooperation. at a very high operational level .”

The American destroyer USS Carney captured 3 cruise missiles and several drones, according to American officials, which the Pentagon confirmed in a press conference a short time ago.

According to the Pentagon, the attack was launched by the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen, and did not target the destroyer itself. Instead, the Pentagon says the missiles headed north along the Red Sea, toward Israel.

Although the Pentagon has not definitively stated that this was the purpose of the attack, it insists that the United States will continue to act in this way if it sees that others are somehow trying to get involved in this war, and that it will continue. to defend itself and the interests of the South and the United States. And its partners.

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