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We want democracy, so they fight us, we forcibly take away our rights, and they increase their war against us in brutality. The West treats us with the logic of the strong, which sees our weakness, backwardness and crushing under its rule as the most important guarantor of its survival. The spring in which our Arab peoples expressed their cultural, human and moral progress and their awareness of their rights and the values ​​of citizenship, was suffocated by the conspiracies of Western governments and under the auspices of the United Nations and its affiliated international organizations. Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria… all the countries of the Spring had the dreams of their people shattered under the hammers of the powers of the West, its influence and its insistence on humiliating us and keeping us at the back of the herd of the civilization And when we come after that to try to seize our rights by force and with the logic of weapons, it – the West – frees its claws into our bodies, singing the same hymns under whose cover we fought in our peaceful march.

Perhaps throughout history we will not find a saying that has remained sanctified, although all the facts refute it, just like the saying that the West is a sponsor of democracy and human rights. The West was nothing more than a guardian of its own interests, trampling on everything else. If we wanted to give the West an embodiment, we would see him as Dracula attacking everything else with his sword, claws and blades, but also reciting poetic poems that sing the values ​​of goodness and beauty, to the tunes of warm music. which induces sleep.

The West is a giant, gloomy concrete skyscraper, equipped with impenetrable security systems, but without heart, emotion, morality, and everything related to human feeling. Although it is provocative for one of our people to see blinded by the brilliance of the glass of this gigantic skyscraper and its technological complexities, this is also understandable. The majority of people, as has happened throughout history, do not have enough intelligence to recognize big, elaborate lies, and very few are able to recognize them, despise them and fight against them.

During the last days, since the seventh of the glorious October, the West mourns the “Israeli victims” and satirizes the “ISIS, criminal and terrorist” Palestinian resistance, with a dogmatism that incites vomiting. They publish stories in which the dead of the occupation seem to be a group of peaceful tourists attacked by armed groups while they were vacationing on a beach intended for entertainment. From their point of view, the Jews are not occupiers, nor is Hamas a resistance group defending their country and themselves. They completely close their eyes to the Palestinian victims, and these eyes become huge telescopes when it comes to the Israeli deaths. The latter are sons of God, while the former are “human animals”.

Israel bombed the Baptist hospital in Gaza, claiming approximately 500 martyrs and approximately the number of wounded. Meanwhile and the following day, the governments of the West, led by America, continue to communicate with the Israeli government, asserting the latter’s right to defend itself. and discussing with it ways to support it to begin its alleged ground battle. This is the West, this is its civilization, and this is its true understanding of human rights.

Democracy and human rights. There is no doubt about the importance of these two concepts and their merit of universal control, but at the same time, attributing them to the West as their official global sponsor is nothing more than a stupid joke exhibited by an infinite. a bunch of facts.

Every lie has its scope, this is what history says, and time has its inevitable circular path. There is no doubt that this painful lie will also fall apart under the weight of time and its inevitabilities. But our people will remain despite the passage of time, and Gaza will remain, Palestine will remain, and the great victory will come.

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