Interim CEO of Loader visits the Director of Electricity

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Charger (Aden Al-Ghad) special

This Sunday morning, the interim CEO of Lauder, brother Saleh Al-Sad, paid an inspection visit to the Director of Electricity and was received by the deputy director Saleh Muhammad Masoud.

During the meeting, the representative talked about a number of deficiencies that prevent electricity from working the way the people want, the most important of which are diesel, oils and spare parts, he emphasized that if they are available, the energy will be to return to its previous level that meets the needs of the people.

He added that the salaries have not arrived on time, and as long as they have arrived, we hope you will raise our concerns to the higher authorities after our voices became hoarse and our pens dried up from writing due to lack of provision for the work flow.

For his part, the head of the transition site in the board of directors said that we understand everything that you are suffering from shortages in operating materials and failure to pay salaries on time, but you must be diligent with what is available, and you know that the difficulty is general for everyone, and we promise that we will work together with you to convey your message to the higher authorities, because of the importance of the role of electricity in the fields of electricity. Labor and citizen comfort

Loader’s interim manager toured the sections containing the operating machines to closely examine the deficiencies.

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