Real Madrid continues to waver in Aden and is very stable in Sanaa

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Exchange rates in the temporary capital, Aden, continue to collapse dramatically due to the inability of the government to take any measures that can limit the deterioration of the exchange rates.

On Wednesday, the exchange rates were close to reaching a rate of 400 riyals for one Saudi riyal, which is the riyal that remained for more than 20 years equal to the price of one Saudi riyal.

Local exchange rates witnessed speculation by owners of exchange shops that caused havoc on the exchange market without any action from the competent authorities.

While it was assumed that the exchange rates in Sanaa would witness a price surge compared to a state of stability in Aden, the situation was reversed and Aden became a scene for illegal financial speculation.

The exchange rate of the Saudi riyal in Sanaa barely reaches 140 riyals, while the state of collapse and rise in Sanaa continues.

The Yemeni Central Bank in Aden began to be unable, except for small statements issued daily announcing the sale of foreign currencies in auctions that do not provide fat or relieve hunger.

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