Honoring Makkah Eye Hospital for the free medical camp in Al-Tawahi District

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*By Ashjan Al-Maqtari

This morning, Dr. Khaled Abdel-Baqi Farea – Director of the Office of Health and Population in Al-Tawahi District, together with Dr. Reem Tawfiq Saeed – Director of the Health Complex in the District, honored the Mecca Eye Special Hospital in the hospital. building in the capital, Aden.

This honor comes in coordination with Dr. Ahmed Muthanna Al-Bishi, Director General of Health and Population in the capital, Aden, and with the participation of the local authority represented by Judge Wajdi Muhammad Alwan Al-Shaabi, Director General of Al -Tawahi. District, as a thank you and in response to the favor, and the role Mecca Hospital provided in establishing the medical camp in Al-Tawahi District. .

The hospital was honored, represented by Professor Ammar Anwar Omar – Director General of Mecca Eye Specialist Hospital, and Dr. Tahani Muhammad Ibrahim – ophthalmologist, for their role in performing specialized eye surgeries, removing cataracts, and implanting lenses for patients who are pioneers of the medical camp in the board.

It should be noted that the camp performed a large number of operations for citizens with limited income, removing cataracts from them and examining the health of their vision, as well as dispensing medical glasses according to the examination, and implanting lenses in them, and it was met with great demand and approval of the citizens of the board.

Dr. Khaled also extended his thanks and appreciation to the technical, nursing and administrative teams for their role in making the camp a success, which reflected a positive impression on the campers, wishing to continue running such medical camps in the directorate.

Mr. Yazid Bahaj, Director of Human Resources at the hospital, and brother Amin Abdullah Ahmed, Coordinator of Health Education in the Tawahi Directorate, participated in this honor.

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