The Akon Foundation is holding a meeting to discuss the development of the direct waste transport program at the Infiniti Institute in Aden.

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The Akon Foundation for Rights and Freedoms held a community meeting to discuss the project “Development of the Direct Waste Transport Program” in the Mansoura District, held during the period of October 26, 2023 AD, within the local cooperation portfolio in the project to strengthen institutional. and economic flexibility in Yemen through the activity of supporting civil society organizations to implement social accountability initiatives in The framework for improving social services in the governorates of Aden, Lahj, Taiz, Marib and Hadhramout, which is implemented by the United Nations. Development Program in coordination with the Ministry of Local Administration and financed by the European Union in collaboration with the Renaissance Makers Organization, which lasted only one day with the participation of 30 people from community committees, imams of mosques, and workers. figures

At the opening of the meeting, Mrs. Laila Al-Shabibi, Executive Director of the Akon Foundation for Rights and Freedoms, welcomed all those present, explaining that the importance of holding a community meeting lies in discussing the problems and shortcomings faced by the Foundation on Cleaning and citizens and create an opportunity for road work to contribute to the evaluation and correction of reforms and mechanisms.

Emphasizing that we strive to present recommendations and outputs to the relevant authorities of local decision-makers to limit them, which will take place in a special training workshop.. Appreciating the efforts of the local authority, represented by the brother, the mayor of Mansoura. Management, in cooperation and understanding, and in overcoming difficulties with the Akon Foundation and the citizens.

Sister Amal Adel, project manager to develop the direct waste transfer program, confirmed that this meeting aims to find out the reasons for the gap between the hygiene fund and the citizens, noting that diseases have spread despite the activation of the direct waste program.

Amal explained that there is still an accumulation of waste in the regions and neighborhoods and a weak response from citizens, although the development program of waste transportation is activated, but there is still a lack of response from citizens. She hopes that the participants will discuss this. meeting to propose some solutions to reduce and reduce the accumulation of waste and the spread of diseases to obtain a Healthy environment free from epidemics.

Brother Nabil Abu Bakr, Director of the Office of Social Affairs and Labor in the Directorate of Mansoura, confirmed that what the Akon Foundation undertakes is the project of direct transportation of cleanliness in four regions, which helps this project to create a clean , a healthy environment that. preserves the safety of the citizens and protects them from diseases, which gives it the aesthetic appearance of a clean neighborhood. Emphasizing that the local authority is always careful to facilitate the work of the institutions that realize these projects in the board of directors.

The head of the community committees, Jihad Muhammad Maatouq, explained that we are looking in the committees to work with them to ensure the cleanliness of the neighborhoods and thus the cleanliness of our streets and the district in general, so that we can work together. in overcoming or errors that we can help resolve.

Facilitator Ghada Fadl reviewed the most prominent problems and obstacles due to the weak response facing the region in terms of the direct waste transportation program, as well as ways to connect community contribution, accountability, and direct transportation.

The meeting stage comes as a second step after the Foundation’s implementation of a listening session held last May to raise the quality level of developing the waste transport service in the office of the Cleaning Fund in the Mansoura District. The session aimed to raise the level of quality of service provision by identifying the difficulties facing the Foundation and presenting opinions and proposals, as well as Participants recommended monthly incentives for the sanitation worker so that they can double their efforts, stabilize them, raise their salaries, and develop waste removal mechanisms.

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