In coordination with the Aden Education Office, Al-Qutaybi Bank supports Salah Al-Din School (Boys) in Al-Buraiqa with ten teachers as a first phase

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In the presence of the Undersecretary of Aden Governorate for the Youth Sector, Mr. Abdul Raouf Al-Saqqaf, and the Director General of the Aden Education Office, Dr. Nawal Jawad Al-Qutaybi Bank launched on Wednesday, 11/1/2023 AD, one of its programs to support the education sector in its first phase, where the bank, with the coordination and follow-up of the Education Office in the governorate and the district, ensured the support of the Salah al-Din School for Basic Education (Boys) with the number of ten qualified teachers and the provision of monthly salaries.

In the inauguration ceremony, which was also attended by the Director General of Al-Buraiqa Directorate, Dr. Salah Al-Shoubji, and the Director of the Education Department in Al-Buraiqa, Mrs. Rabaa Ahmed bin Ahmed, the Director of Salah Al -Din School, Mr. Muhammad Al-Hassani, welcomed all those present, appreciating all the efforts made by the Education Office in the governorate and the Directorate, as well as the local authority in the Directorate to support The school and fill the acute lack. of teachers, thanking at the same time the leadership of Al-Qutaybi Bank for supporting the school with teachers, and saved it from the acute lack of teachers to continue the educational process in the region.

In turn, Dr. Nawal Jawad, Director General of the Education Office in the temporary capital, Aden, praised in his short speech the great role played by the Salah al-Din region in the Buraiqa District and for providing many of its sons and men . as martyrs in the recent war that the Houthis ignited on Aden. The Salah al-Din region was a safety valve for the capital, Aden, on its western side. Facing this brutal aggression, emphasizing the need and importance of encouraging education in this brave region, as she thanked Al-Qutaybi Bank for its support of the education sector and providing the salaries of ten teachers to the Salah al-Din School as a first stage, hoping that this support will increase to include several schools in the remote and expanding . areas of the Buraiqa District.

For his part, the Director of the Department of Al-Qutaybi Bank Branches reviewed in his speech some programs of Al-Qutaybi Bank to support education in Aden Governorate, emphasizing that supporting the Salah Al-Din School with ten teachers and taking care of their monthly salaries as the first stage came in coordination and follow-up with the Education Office in the governorate, as he confirmed that there are other upcoming stages that he will undertake. Al-Qutaybi Bank is responsible for financing the education sector to address and fill the shortage of teachers in schools in the Salah al-Din area of ​​Al-Buraiqa District.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Ms. Naila Zein, Director of the Education Department at the Aden Education Office, Ms. Fadwa Al-Saqqaf, Director of the Community Participation Department, Colonel Jamal Musa, Head of the Transitional Council in Buraiqa, some of school principals and teachers in the Salah al-Din region, and a large gathering of parents in the region.

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