Shalal team wins against Al-Shaab in the Rabie Al-Mahfad League

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Al-Mahfad (Aden of Tomorrow) Saleh Lawar

In continuation of the third annual Spring Football League, which is sponsored by Al Thabat Group and controlled by Al Mahfad Sports Club, the match took place this Thursday afternoon between the Shalal and Al Shaab teams.

The events of the first half started strong between the two teams, with dangerous attacks varying here and there. The Shallal player was able to penetrate into the penalty area of ​​the Al-Shaab team and was prevented during that time by the defender of the Al -Shaab team. As a result, the match referee gave a penalty kick in the first minutes of the first half of the match, and it was executed by the player Muhammad Ali Harkal. Successfully, Shallal scored the first goal of the match.

After the goal, Al-Shaab players moved and launched many attacks on the Shallal team’s goal, and in the middle of the half, Al-Shaab striker Awad Mohamed Sarran was able to equalize for his team with a wonderful goal.

The game continued after the draw, fighting between the two teams, and ten minutes before the end of the first half, and after a counterattack by the Shallal team, the same player, Mohamed Harkal, was present again to score the second goal for his team, which ended the first half of the match with the Shallal team leading its counterpart, Al-Shaab, by two goals to one. .

In the second half, the Shallal team continued their attacks, with Al-Shaab players seeming to decrease in effectiveness compared to the first half, which enabled the Shallal player, Mohamed Sawaher, to add a third goal for his team in the 20- a minute of the second half.

Al-Shaab team tried to attack their opponent with every force to reduce the difference, especially since time passed quickly for Al-Shaab players, and then player Mohamed Ahmed Ali Fadour managed to score the second goal for his team in the last minutes of the second half.

Then play continued for the remaining minutes of this half until the match referee blew his whistle at the end of the second half and the match was won by the Shalal team with three goals against two goals for Al-Shaab.

He moderated the meeting:
Abdul Rahman Maqroum: Referee in the field, and he was assisted in the lines by Muhammad Ali Abbad and Ahmed Al-Shahari.

Tomorrow, Friday, is a rest day for all participating teams, and league matches will resume next Saturday.

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