The President of Shabwa University commends the launch of the bid to build the first college on the new campus

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Shabwa (Aden of Tomorrow) Special

Professor Dr. Tawfiq Saree Basardah, President of Shabwa University, praised the directives of the Governor of the Governorate, Sheikh Awad Muhammad bin Al-Wazir Al-Awlaki, which culminated today in the launch of the tender for the construction of the College of medicine and Health Sciences in Shabwa University (Human Medicine Building) as the first building in the new university campus. The President of the University expressed his sincere thanks. And all the members of Shabwa University thank the conservative brother and his taking this bold strategic step in these. exceptional circumstances, which indicates the foresight of the conservative brother in the right investment represented in building the person through education, for which Shabwa University is the basic starting point by graduating generations armed with knowledge and awareness. It is able to promote development. in its various aspects for the county and the country in general.

The university president confirmed that what the governor, Sheikh Awad bin Al-Wazir, did today in directing the tender for the construction of the first building in the university campus, is part of his continued support for the university and its members, which represents one of his most important priorities, if not the first project in the county that he aims to promote. This positively reflected the university’s activity and the rapid steps it took in the construction of this large scientific building in a very short period and in extremely difficult and complex exceptional; circumstances… that made the university gain the trust, appreciation and respect of official and social bodies.

The university president explained that the construction of the first college in the new university campus is the core that will transform the barren land into a scientific building that enlightens the governor and the country, after it was followed by the establishment of other colleges and scientific and research centers.. History will immortalize those positive steps and they will be recorded in the memory of the university with letters of light.

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