Administrative decision of the Advisory Board of Al-Mustaqbal magazine in the sister country of Egypt

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Cairo ((Aden of Tomorrow)) Special:

An administrative decision was issued by the Advisory Committee of the Future Journal for the Human Sciences (a peer-reviewed scientific journal) in Egypt appointing Professor Dr. Muhammad Abdel Wahab Al-Faqih, Head of the Radio and Television Department, Faculty of Mass Communication, Sana’a University, as an advisor and referee for the magazine in Yemen.
His Excellency Dr. Saleh Hashem Mustafa Abdel Razzaq, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Future Journal for Human Sciences and former president of Ain Shams University, said that this administrative decision has become binding and will take effect from the date of its publication on the page of the institution, and all parties of the institution and the magazine must implement it.
Dr. Muhammad Abdel Wahab Al-Faqih, Head of the Department of Radio and Television, Faculty of Information, Sana’a University, welcomed the administrative decision and expressed his readiness to cooperate with any researcher who wants to publish research under the conditions of the journal , in accordance with his work as a consultant and referee for the magazine in Yemen in media research and research in other humanitarian fields.
For its part, the College of Information in Sana’a University welcomed this decision and considered it a new addition that is in the interest of the college and its researchers to provide more scientific research to this peer-reviewed scientific journal in the sister country of Egypt, the source of advanced science and culture.
This decision also received wide support and welcome among the new master’s research students in the college, as they expressed their complete happiness for this brilliant academic degree and congratulated their professor, Dr. Muhammad Abdel-Wahab Al-Faqih, who in turn . showed his enthusiasm to them and thanked them for it.

Sanaa – Aden Al-Ghad – Alawi Salman

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