Agent Ghazi Lahmar meets with the Pragma Organization and discusses aspects of cooperation in the agricultural and fisheries sectors.

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Under the leadership of His Excellency Major General Salem Abdullah Al-Soqatri, Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Fisheries, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Fisheries for the Fish Production and Marketing Services Sector, Ghazi Lahmar, met this morning with the Pragma Organization team, represented by Dr. Osan Marouf Bahramuz and Councilor Marwan Nasser, where aspects of cooperation between the organization and the Ministry in the fields of… Statistics and quality of agricultural and fishing products.

In the meeting, the Undersecretary welcomed the Pragmatic Organization, explaining the Ministry’s effort to develop statistics and data collection and work to create a comprehensive electronic system to collect data on the Ministry’s activity and link them to a unified electronic network.

The agent also touched on the stages of developing the process of applying quality requirements and standards in the use, transport and storage of fish products, because the Ministry has been working to implement the HACCP system in monitoring the quality of fish products since 1996 AD Yemeni fish products now reached European markets.

Considering the global requirements for the safety of food, the Ministry also aims to obtain the ISO certificate, which will give fish and agricultural products an additional quality that will enable them to spread in global markets.

In this regard, the Ministry will hold a discussion panel this week under the title (Technical Obstacles to Agricultural and Fish Exports) sponsored by the Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Fisheries, in which exporters of fish, honey and coffee and some organizations and stakeholders in this that aspect will participate.

At the same level, they discussed the efforts and interests involved in developing the production and marketing of honey and coffee, improving performance in the honey testing laboratory and studying the possibilities of setting up a central honey laboratory. This is in the framework of strengthening the honey. future work of the National Center for the Development of Honey Production and Marketing, quality control activities, and improving the uses of seeds and fertilizers.

The Pragma team explained the organization’s interest in quality development and assistance in qualifying producers and absorbing the proposals and perceptions presented by the Ministry, which are consistent with the policies and interests of the organization within the framework of economic recovery programs. expressed his welcome to the organization’s participation. attend the meeting dedicated to studying the technical obstacles to agricultural and fishing exports, according to the invitation made to the organization of The Ministry, and also the readiness to study and absorb any future proposals that the Ministry will deal with officially, especially in the areas of qualification, awareness, quality control and value chain development.

The meeting was attended by Councilor Nader Bawazir, Councilor Ahmed Abdel Malik, Ahmed Aboud Saleh, Director General of Quality and Technical Affairs, Ahmed Fadak, Director General of Maritime Control and Inspection, Engineer Rushdi Al-Shabouti, Director General of Plant Production, and Engineer Saleh Badran, Director General of Quality Control in Agriculture.

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