Al-Hawta is a red line and our lives are sacrificed for it Written by Ahmed Saeed Sheikh

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From the capital of Lahj Governorate, Al-Houta, which is guarded by God
The city of peace, the city of peaceful coexistence, the city of the people of the entire nation, the city in which the heads of state learn in all fields. We thank everyone who condemned and denounced this act outside the system and the law, of academics, sheikhs, social figures, military, security, and all honorable people. We tell them that from the first moment we worked to exercise restraint despite The magnitude of the event, based on the responsibility placed on us as the a sheikh and a sensible person of this neighborhood and as an advisor to the governor of this city, called on everyone in the neighborhood in particular and Al-Houta in general to exercise self-control and not allow the city to be dragged into chaos and insecurity that we do not want . or allow. What has passed is enough for us in this city. Before and after the war, and the people of Al-Houta are still suffering from the bitterness of that difficult stage, we informed the security in the governorate and the district.

The security administration of the governorate sent a force led by Commander Ahmed Al-Lahji, commander of the emergency battalion, and a force linked to the Al-Hota security administration arrived under the leadership of Captain Awad Al-Shillin. How many times did the director of the Department of Narcotics Control, Abdul Hadi Faraj, arrives at the place? This presence was a good thing for the people of the neighborhood, children, women and the elderly, who experienced moments of fear. And horrified by this act
How many times do we demand that the wanted persons be arrested and handed over to the Al-Hota Security Department to investigate all the violations that occurred in Al-Hara and within the jurisdiction of the Al-Hota Board, Lahj Governorate, and let’s say , that we are against distorting the issue and investing it in political goals that do not serve the weak of souls, and let everyone know that Al-Hota is safe and it is a red danger, because we are brothers in it, there is no. place in it. For regionalism and racism, Al-Houta lives in it from all the governorates in this country. The issue is not the issue of Louay Al-Subaihi or Dr. Khaled Jaber, but rather the issue of all the people of Al -Houta in particular and those around it. We reassure everyone that Al-Houta will remain safe with the brotherhood of its citizens, its brave security men, and its local leadership led by the Governor of Lahj Governorate, Major General Ahmed Abdullah Turki.

We would like to clarify that one of the people was detained in Al-Houta District Prison and the others in Aden Security, according to information.

In conclusion, we promise our people in the city that if this is done, we support the voices that called for a peaceful demonstration by the people of Al-Houta and Tibn to check these security violations in attacking people and imprisoning them without charges. or a reference to the judiciary that the people of Al-Houta and Tibn suffer.

He also extended his thanks and appreciation to Brother Councilor Arif Abdel Razzaq, who played a role in constructive communication and reported to Mr. Wadah Al-Halmi, Chairman of the Transitional Council of Lahj Governorate, to calm the situation.

Written by your son and brother Louay Abdel Hakim Ahmed Saeed, sheikh and sage of Abbas and Ibn Khaldoun neighborhood in Al-Houta, Lahj..
He is an adviser to the Governor of Lahj for the affairs of Al-Hawta District.
The date is November 11, 2023 AD

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