How can a small person become big?| Abdul Wahab wrote Tawaf

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The Hashemite Project is known to be a small racist project. For a simple group of people, the state theory is a racist theory of government; Adopted by a small group of people. As for the Shia sect, it is one of the Muslim sects that divided Muslims, divided them and tore their unity for political purposes with religious slogans.
There are two types of Shiites. The first belongs to a group of Muslims with their own unarmed intellectual convictions. Those are the majority, and there is no disagreement with them. They have freedom in what they follow, even if their ideas and beliefs contradict each other. reason, logic and religion, because they remain imprisoned by their owner, and they have no power or armed tools to impose them. To others.
As for politicized Shiism, which is led by Iran and its Hashemite tools in the Arab region, it is an armed political Shiism that works to restore the glories of the Persian Empire through the turbans of the so-called Ahl al-Bayt. a trick that seems to build an important Hashemite state in Arabia, but its essence is to restore the control of the Persian element over that region. .
Why does Iran not seek to spread its Shia doctrine or its theory of guardianship away from weapons, Jerusalem issues and the empty slogans it adopts?
Because it knows that the theory of guardianship in governance, its spread and marketing of the sanctity of the Ahl al-Bayt, and its insistence on imposing the distinction of al-Hashimi on the rest of the people will not find a market or ears for. listen to it, because it conflicts with life, reason, logic, religion, morality, states and development, and therefore it was forced to raise big banners, like the issue of Jerusalem and Palestine. To pass its small projects and destructive theories; under it. In this way it ensured the mobilization of the common people and the poor behind its empty slogans, while it promoted its poison among the masses.
That is why we see its tools in the Arab region carry out the most terrible massacres against their people with one hand, and with the other hand they shout and shout in favor of Palestine, with the aim of washing away their crimes in their countries with slogans. of the liberation of Jerusalem, so that many naive people are deceived by the story, and promotes the need to forget their crimes and pass over their massacres in our Arab countries in favor of Raising empty slogans or cartoons, whose purpose is. to camouflage the greater source of evil and evil.
Remember that Iran and its Hashemite tools in the Arab region killed ten times more Iraqis, Syrians, Lebanese, Yemenis and Saudis in one decade than Israel killed Palestinians in seven decades, and that it occupied and desecrated four Arab capitals against Palestine!

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