Must be honest! Brigadier General Saleh Mohsen Al-Qadi wrote

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Having saluted, saluted and welcomed the brother, Major General Major Aidaroos Qasim Al-Zubaidi, may God protect him, we want the Transitional Council and its leadership to be completely open and direct to the people about what our patient people are experiencing!! !!
Is it time for accountability and internal, external, financial, economic, military and security review and review, and stop the imbalances, actions and transgressions that have occurred from 2017 to today, and develop solutions and put the right person? in the right place?

Corruption is like a cancer that eats the life of the southern man in all aspects of life, including electricity, water, sanitation, the high cost of living, the lack of regular expenditure of salaries and late salaries. Today’s salary has become nothing of value , and it is necessary to review the wage structure and increase wages to suit the collapse of the currency and the rise in prices.

Is it time to end illegal taxes across the south? Is it a review of the imposition of taxes on everything inside Aden that forced capital to leave the south? Is there a review of the provocative decisions made by the corrupt government to increase the customs duty? in the port of Aden? And some ports of the south, which have completely paralyzed life, business and the national income, so that the port of Hodeida can be revived to serve the Houthis and those who serve with them.

Is it time to end the measures to prevent construction and the excessive increase in building fees that have burdened people?

The octopus of condolence, Hayel Saeed, ate the green and dry in the south and looted everything. He did not pay the south a single dime for the lands, ports, industries and trade it owned in the south. Rather, they increased . greed and high prices, which increased the suffering of our southern people, and the proof of this is the exact bag of 9 thousand Yemeni riyals. In the regions controlled by Houthi, despite the distance and the number of gates to reach, and in Aden ; , despite the close distances, a bag of flour is sold for 45 thousand and more without responsibility, supervision or discouragement.

A final note.
We want clarity and sincerity without delay. What did the southern people benefit from participating in the products of the Riyadh Agreement and consultations? In both the Presidential Leadership Council!! And in equal government!! Nothing but a more general deterioration in all aspects of life.

Will the overwhelming decline mentioned above lead to the recovery of the southern state!! Who sacrificed our precious and valuable people for her sake!! The goals of the revolution and the aspirations of the people will not be achieved by this action, behavior and subjugation unless we revise our policies during the past years.
The time has come to answer, review and save the people from certain death imposed on us by our partnership with the remnants of a perished legitimacy that wants to return us to the door of Yemen through the decisions it takes to starve and torture and control. us from our land. Especially the biggest disaster is that we provide them complete protection.
Is it possible for someone to raise and take care of chicken in their own backyard!!!

*Dean of Staff Saleh Mohsen Al-Qadi*

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