Sami Jaeem..and Al-Ahly life you call for..?| Written by Moaz Al-Khamisi

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I was expecting an interaction or response to what colleagues wrote about the star and top scorer of Al-Ahly, Sanaa and Yemen, Sami Jaeem.. but how can a deaf person hear..!
This is the management of one of the biggest clubs in Yemen.. They collect only when (pictures) are taken.. and some of them jump in search of appearance or fame in statements that reveal the depth of (the abyss) and the a loss of (power)!
An administration whose chairs are seated by the biggest businessmen in Yemen… did not benefit from the lessons of the former agent of the Al-Ahly club, Amin Jumaan, who became the president of the Al-Wahda club and reached what (group) of merchants , celebrities, and businessmen (people) inside the Al-Ahly club just couldn’t (appear)… and for more… (The Hornet)!
Only one of Al-Ahly’s businessmen, Atawla, can adopt Sami Jaeim’s treatment calmly… and without the need for reminders or justifications… and he has all our thanks and appreciation!
But… how can we wake the (Sabbath) administration from sleep and death… and it cares not for any of its stars… nor for any manager, coach or loving savior who is ravaged by disease.. .and bad conditions and circumstances!
The matter is very simple, oh (rich people) of Al-Ahly… whenever the feeling is excited, the feeling is engaged, and humanity is present..!
I would have heard if you summoned a living person.. but there is no life for the one you summon..!
▪ Soften their hearts… Oh God!
Moaz Al-Khamisi

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