The head of the National Committee for Women participates in the Education Block meeting in Aden

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On the sidelines of the annual review meetings between the Ministry of Education and UNICEF on Sunday, a meeting was held, chaired by Dr. Muhammad Omar Baslim, Head of the Technical Office at the Ministry of Education, with Dr. Wael Al-Khair, coordinator of UNICEF, and coordinator of the National Education Cluster in the Republic of Yemen, in which Dr. participated. Maryam Al-Doughani, head of the technical team for emergency aid and international cooperation in the Office of the Presidency of the Republic, head of the National Committee for Women, and members of the technical commission for communication with the Education Block.

The head of the National Committee for Women, Dr. Shafiqa Saeed, said that it is necessary to have the National Committee for Women in the Education Cluster and in the various clusters in all ministries and government institutions, because the National Committee for Women is the organ concerned with the development of national policies and strategies for women.

Noting the need for the presence of the National Committee for Women in the development of the national strategy for education, which will be implemented by the Ministry of Education in the future, underlining the importance of participatory work between various government agencies for the benefit of various groups and at all levels.

Where Dr. confirmed. Baslim emphasized the importance of adhering to the decision of the Minister of Education, Mr. Tariq Salem Al-Akbari, and the need for the bloc to review the ministry’s report on the matrix of humanitarian needs in Yemen for the year 2024, and so the fair. distribution of humanitarian interventions in education at the republican level. He also conveyed to them the point of view of the ministry regarding the adopted standards and the need to update them. To ensure a fair distribution of intervention projects in the coming year.

The meeting aimed to coordinate the efforts of the Education Block and continue its work from the temporary capital, Aden.

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