The impossible is not (to win)…!!!| Abdullah Jahib wrote

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He was brave and took upon himself the responsibility of a “motherland” full of challenges, difficulties and obstacles. He was nothing but a “winner” in name, word and deed before the flood of “impossible” at the highest. level of the legal pyramids in the state.

_ Silver Attorney General Qaher Mustafa, that name that has become the talk of the hour and the number one (judicial) figure in this state and nation, conquering all the chaotic situations that fill the pages of the files of the judiciary, and working to resolve matters. , and moving the waters of thorny and complex issues for the legal system.

_ There are few and very few who have the courage to lead and enter the battle of the “impossible” in this country, and the rare ones are those who stand firm in front of the hurricane, and the unique and rare exception that restored. the prestige of the judiciary, nobility, height and the people’s faith in it after years of sound fall is the Conqueror of the Impossible, Attorney General Qaher Mustafa. The impossible is not, is not and will not be convincing.

This man (Qaher) moves the judiciary towards achieving and reaping correction, removing the impurities that affect the authority of the judiciary, and works to solve all the hot and thorny problems and issues that he inherited from previous eras, years and regimes, so congratulations to the judiciary (Mustafa) Qaher of the impossible.

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