They liberated Aden Airport Written by Salem Al Faras

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Perhaps it was permissible and acceptable to some extent to close and block many of the entrances and exits with fixed and mobile points in the previous war years, when Aden lived in exceptional circumstances in terms of weak security, unbalanced conditions, the spread. of chaos, the prevalence of harassment, the absence and weakness of the presence of state authorities and security services, and when acts of aggression It is in full swing attacking state facilities and institutions, robbing them, occupying them, and abusing their capacities.

Also, we may not find any shame at that time in the successive creation of checkpoints and the cancellation of others, and the establishment and planting of barriers and sand and concrete barriers on the roads around some sovereign political and civil installations, especially those connected to the services and interests of the citizen, and causing a deepening of the gap between them and the delivery of their services to them.

Among those facilities specifically is Aden International Airport, whose features were blocked and removed by surrounding it with a concrete chain that extended to swallow a major route and a main road adjacent to it, stopping movement in it. The entrances and exits leading to and from the airport yard and the farewell and waiting halls in it were also closed, which imposed any… These concrete barriers and shutters are placed on departing and arriving passengers, together with depositors and receivers, until they sleep in spaces that are tens of meters. away from the airport hall and the usual parking lots located between and in front of the houses adjacent to the airport, causing many problems and difficulties for travelers through the Aden Airport, especially the sick and injured, and no one can enter. parking only with a permit and after strict red tape that most people can’t afford. The state in which the airport was located, which was justified during the war years, no longer justifies forcing it to remain in its previous state, and urgent work must be done to restore the conditions there to those before the war years, allowing departures, arrivals, depositors and receivers to enter and exit to and from the airport yard and its waiting hall. Conveniently and conveniently raising concrete barriers, especially from the main road and from the entrances and exits of the airport.

We say this not only to facilitate the movement of passengers through the airport, but so that it can appear as it should as a facade that gives those arriving and departing a reassuring and civilized image that reflects the status and vitality. of this historical and economic city of Aden.

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