Al-Bakri is humble, wise, and has an exemplary policy in managing the sports movement Written by Muhammad bin Abdat

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A picture that shows how much simplicity and humility sums up the honorable brother, His Excellency Minister Nayef bin Saleh Al-Bakri.

Who, from my point of view, drives our sport in such a way that it is extremely difficult for anyone else to endure such a difficult and complex situation and circumstances. In the light of the reality of the sport in our country, she experiences; great suffering, not only in terms of financial support and infrastructure, but suffering that is even more painful than that, represented by the fragility of the situation. The administrative management for many clubs and federations, including the Olympic Committee and some parts of the ministry ; structure and its branches in particular, which requires a major arrangement and in a not so short time for this to be properly addressed.

Therefore, despite all these surrounding circumstances, this man tries to work silently, without noise, with wisdom and exemplary policy, which made his work overcome many obstacles, barriers and obstacles that are clearly visible, and he follows the caravan of the sports movement and shows its activity locally and abroad in a way that is different from the reality surrounding sports and youth issues in our country.

Congratulations, appreciation and respect to that loyal patriot

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