Al Fajr Foundation conducts a life skills workshop for entrepreneurs from the Literacy Eradication Agency

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Al-Fajr Youth Foundation for Development, in coordination with the Illiteracy Eradication Agency in Aden Governorate, carried out a workshop on life skills for entrepreneurs of the Illiteracy Eradication Agency in the Mansoura District, Aden, in the presence of Issam Muqbali – Director General of Illiteracy Uprooting in Aden Governorate.

Mr. Hussein Muhammad Al-Baiti – President of Al-Fajr Youth Development Foundation, explained that (40) participants of the entrepreneurs of the Agency for the Eradication of Alphabet were trained on the concepts of the foundations of life skills.

Al-Bayti confirmed that the training program for the workshop aims to benefit the trainees in the basic life skills that are needed in the time of their work or life. He pointed out that the training program for life skills has several axes and fields in a sequential manner according to the category according to age, awareness and study.

Participants learn about self-management skills, communication skills, effective communication and the path to success.

The workshop reviewed the evaluation of activities for trainees and working groups through the training that was discussed.

The trainees also thanked the Al-Fajr Foundation and all those responsible for making this training a success. They wanted more of these training programs and workshops that would help them in their fields of life with basic skills and how to handle them on the ground.

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