Al-Mahra: General Director of Security and Police inspects some security departments

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Al-Mahra ((Aden of Tomorrow)) Special

Today, Brigadier General Mufti Suhail Samouda, General Director of Security and Police in Al-Mahra Governorate, inspected some security departments to review the progress of security work in them and the level of work discipline during official working hours.

Brigadier Mufti toured the Public Relations and Moral Guidance Department, the Joint Operations Room, and the Criminal Investigation Department.
and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Brigadier General Mufti emphasized the importance of vitality, a sense of security, strengthening discipline at work, and commitment to military discipline and connection. He said that military discipline means commitment, which is necessary for success at work.

Brigadier General Mufti Samouda also reviewed the damage caused by Cyclone Tej to security buildings.

He was accompanied during the excursion by his assistant, Colonel Murad Muhammad Kalshat

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