Al-Qaedi: The recent attacks by the Saada group are proof of exploitation of the events in Gaza to destroy and weaken the people of the region.

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The deputy secretary of the Yemeni Ministry of Information for Technical and Administrative Affairs, Abdul Basit Al-Qaidi, said that the Houthi group loyal to the Iranian regime aims to exploit the events taking place in Gaza City to kill and weaken the people of the region. .

Al-Qaedi wrote on the “X” platform: The Houthi militias are launching a multiple attack on several fronts, taking advantage of what is happening in Gaza and its courageous resistance. Days after it was exposed in a military maneuver called the Al. -Aqsa Flood, the Houthi militia directed the elements that participated in the maneuver to the fronts northwest of Marib and launched Attacks were faced by the National Army and the Popular Resistance, and two days ago, the militia launched an attack against the Tuhayta front in Hodeidah, on the Taiz fronts, and also in Al-Musaimeer, Lahj, with drones.”

He added, “These attacks confirm that Iran’s wars are against the peoples of the region, from Yemen to Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, and come in the context of tearing people apart and weakening them for the benefit of the enemies of the nation.”

Al-Qaedi said, “The Houthi militias falsely and slanderously claim that they support the Palestinian cause, while they are among Iran’s tools to tear apart the Arab and Muslim peoples, and all this ultimately benefits Israel and its supporters.”

Al-Qaedi warned, saying, “All Yemenis must be careful not to respond to the mobilization of camps and recruitment of youth by the Houthi militia in the name of Palestine, while in reality they throw these people into fires of death on the front lines against their Yemeni brothers in the service of the dynasty, and behind it is Iran.”

He concluded, “The Zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip proved the falsehood and lies of the (Axis of Resistance), which was and continues to increase and trade in the Palestinian cause, and while Gaza is completely annihilated, this is it. (the Axis of Resistance) standing and watching and trying to exploit these events to destroy the peoples of the region, weaken them, sow strife and strife, and cause more.” Of destruction, tearing, and ruin.”

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