An Adani journalist comments on the choice of teachers by commercial entities

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Adenian journalist Abdul Rahman Anis criticized the choice of teachers in the temporary capital, Aden, by commercial units.

Abdul Rahman’s criticism came after Al-Qutaybi Bank sponsored the support of ten teachers for Salah al-Din Primary School for Boys. He considered that this step came from the Ministry of Education and does not allow commercial entities to interfere in government schools.

Anis said in a post on his account on the “X” platform: “God forgive you, Lamlas, and the quality of the election of officials.”

He added, “During the era of Dr. Nawal Jawad, providing teachers became the mission of commercial banks … not providing salaries, no, not … providing human teachers.”

Anis pointed out, “It is not a problem if the teachers are obedient or not. This is not our job, but to provide teachers as people is supposed to be the job of the education administration and in accordance with its standards, and it is. the one who chooses them, not the commercial entities.”

On Wednesday, 1/11/2023 AD, Al-Qutaybi Bank launched one of its programs to support the education sector in its first phase, where the bank sponsored the support of Salah al-Din School for Basic Education (Boys) with ten qualified. teachers and the provision of monthly salaries. This came in the presence of the Undersecretary of Aden Governorate for the Youth Sector, Mr. Abdul Raouf. Al-Saqqaf, and the Director General of the Aden Education Office, Dr. Nawal Jawad.

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