An important announcement for owners of three-wheeled motorcycles in Aden

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Adani engineer and inventor, one of the creative designers, was able to come up with a new method inside his workshop located in the Omar Al-Mukhtar neighborhood in the Sheikh Othman District in Aden, to break the ban and prevent the movement of motorcycles within the. streets and roads of the city converting them into taxis at a simple cost and at the lowest price.

Engineer Wijdan Nawaz, owner of the workshop of Al-Zaeem, said in an announcement published on social networks, calling on motorcycle owners to come to his workshop in the Omar Al-Mukhtar neighborhood to treat them in an innovative way that they can work again and break the ban imposed on them by the security services.

The innovator Wejdan added in the announcement saying:

I don’t want India, China or Japan, I don’t want Omar Al-Mukhtar neighborhood, Sheikh Othman city.

Wijdan Nawaz has a tuk-tuk, ready to go to the roads with power specifications, double turbo, and a cost that suits all segments of the poor.

The advertisement also included his saying: Dear fire bike owner, there is no need to worry or sell your fire bike anymore. Just come to the neighborhood of Omar Al-Mukhtar, the workplace of the leader, engineer, inventor and creative designer. Wijdan, so we can find the right solution for you and get back to doing your job this time on your bike, but converting it into a tuk-tuk.

Muhammad Abdel-Wasi

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