Ana Insan Foundation completes advocacy and “digital education for female entrepreneurs” in Aden

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On November 12, the “Ana Insan” Foundation announced the end of its educational and advocacy campaign for female entrepreneurs in the “Digital Education for Female Entrepreneurs” project, which is the first of its kind in the city of Aden. The project aims to promote a culture of digital security among young female entrepreneurs and enable them to conduct their businesses online safely.

The project consists of five main activities, including the production of the first reference guide explaining digital security concepts for female entrepreneurs. This guide contains information and procedures necessary to maintain security and protection when handling sensitive data and information online.

A training course was also organized for 24 female digital intellectuals in the field of entrepreneurship. They received the knowledge and tools needed to develop their digital skills and improve their skills to benefit from technology in managing their businesses, as well as in educating 228 female entrepreneurs.
The Foundation organized an electronic advertising campaign targeting 40,000 social media users, with the aim of increasing awareness of the importance of digital security, strengthening digital culture among society, supporting the continuity of entrepreneurship, and supporting female entrepreneurs if they are exposed to electronic blackmail.
This project aims to contribute to strengthening digital protection mechanisms for young pioneering women in Aden, enabling them to do their business online safely and contributing to the development of their professional path.

The head of the Foundation, Hanaa Muhammad, stated the importance of this project and the positive change that the project can bring about by eradicating digital illiteracy, especially among female entrepreneurs, because the “Digital Education for Entrepreneurial Women” campaign has proven the essential role , which digital education can play in empowering young women and strengthening their participation in the sector.leading businesses. It is hoped that this campaign will be a model to be emulated in other regions, and will have a positive impact on the lives of women with the significant escalation of electronic blackmail crimes.

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