Axis Commander Al-Ghaydah honors some members of the Axis for their efforts in Hurricane Tej

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Al-Ghaydah (Aden of Tomorrow) Special

Major General Mohsen Ali Marsa, Commander of the Al-Ghaydah Axis, Commander of the Military Police Brigade in Al-Mahra Governorate, honored some members of the military units in the axis after the great efforts they made during Hurricane Tej in evacuation, shelter and relief operations for those affected.

The Axis Commander praised the great efforts made by the Axis military units during the Tej cyclone that hit the governorate last month, which hit the capital, Al-Ghaydah, and the Huswain District, leaving a lot of damage to the infrastructure and thousands of affected and displaced. families

During the honorary event, Major General Mohsen Marsa asked the people of Aksan for more efforts to contribute to maintaining security and stability in the county and providing aid to citizens.

The axis commander presented certificates of appreciation to the heroes, in addition to sums of money as moral support for the efforts they made during the hurricane.

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