Baabad meets with the Deputy Director of the Narcotics Control Department at the Hadhhramaut Coast Police Security

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Al-Mukalla (Aden of Tomorrow) Special:

Mr. Amin Abdullah Baabad, Director of the Office of the Ministry of Education in the Hadhramaut Coast, met in his office with Captain Wadah Bakumah, Deputy Director of the Anti-Narcotics Section of the Hadhramaut Coastal Police Security, with the aim of discussing many. common aspects of awareness and education between the two sides.

In the meeting attended by Mr. Abdel-Hafiz Mohsen Al-Yahri, Director of the Department of Educational Media, Director Baabad showed the importance of the combined efforts of all institutions and organizations of civil society to strengthen awareness of the dangers and damages of this plague. that is alien to our society and targets young people, including students.
Emphasizing that the leadership of the Ministry’s office in the county is in the directions of its comprehensive strategic plans to pay attention to the educational result, which is the student, and to provide him with knowledge, sciences, life skills, values ​​and principles. which bind us to the teachings of our true religion and its noble values, and reject such phenomena and fight them in the whole system of the educational process.

We welcome the effective partnership between the Narcotics Control Administration in conducting awareness programs of specialists for schools, as well as with the Public Education Division and the Office of Educational Media.

In turn, Captain Waddah Bakumah, Deputy Director of Narcotics Control, expressed his happiness about this meeting, stressing that this meeting enters into a series of the administration’s plan to strengthen partnerships with administrative offices, institutions, civil society organizations and community committees, and intensify efforts with the administration to reduce crimes related to all kinds of drug use.

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