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While I was organizing my (very) modest library, I found a little book by the writer and novelist Abdel Qader Al-Nakhebi titled (Beauty in Aden). It caught my attention, and I picked it up and didn’t put it down until I finished. reading it…!

The booklet tells the details of a trip that took place in the year (1944) and its starting point was Wadi al-Arqa…!
The novel or journey – according to the writer – is not from imagination, but rather starts from reality and expresses it and shows what the journey and travel were like, their places and events in the time of caravans before the use of cars… !

The end of the journey is the city of Aden, along with Shuqra and Hotat Lahj.
When the convoy moves, it transports travelers to the coast, in addition to transporting some light goods such as coffee, wool, tanned leather, twisted sage, and some salt (rock) to be sold to Aden merchants…
The caravan of camels is a trailer, each of them tied by its muzzle to the tail of the camel in front of it.

The story is very interesting and interesting, and the creative writer and novelist (Abdulqader Hussein Saleh Al-Nakhibi) mentioned some old names and expressions, such as the days of the mahashir, the sarab, the sabool, the awsar, the libeg, and the obelisk (the stitched one) with which they used to anchor the jawani…!

Let’s accompany the convoy as it begins its journey, so that we can enjoy some of this atmosphere and the wonderful scenery…
(The caravan moved before sunrise along Wadi Al-Arqa, and the horses poured water down the valley…
The coffee beans on their Shazliya tree are loaded with black coffee before they are ripe, and they bow to the ground with their heavy load…!

The journey passes through several valleys, this time through Hatat to Aden.
It passes through Upper Yazidi, Ghabrin, Shaab Qardh… Wadi Al-Khadra and the houses of Al-Battati.

Wadi Al Khadra, as the writer described it, has greenery, water, and a pleasant face.
It is the greenest of the valleys.
For the caravan to rest, we find (Al-Suhail) rising..
Then Wadi Dhi Asim, where the farmers harvested the crops and the women picked ripe ears repeating the sound of the sirab:

Oh Djerba, this day is good… Except the missionary came to me and said: “Water is good.”

Here I will limit myself to some of this pleasant journey, to leave the women repeating the voice of the sirah, and not to spoil it for those who wanted to read the pleasant story, to complete it in their own way.

Thanks to the writer and novelist Abdul Qader Al-Nakhbi, who entertained us with his novel and his beautiful narrative style.

✍️Mansour Al-Alahi
November 13, 2023

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