Brigadier General Al-Marqashi succeeds in releasing Aden Electricity fuel locomotives

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Abyan (Aden of Tomorrow) by Ali Muqrat

The military commander and tribal sheikh, Brigadier General Ahmed Mansour Al-Marqashi, commander of the 185th Infantry Brigade, succeeded in freeing the Aden Electricity fuel locomotives that were detained by citizens and soldiers in both the coast and Arqoub in Abyan Governorate.

A source reported that Brigadier General Ahmed Mansour Al-Marqashi, after officials and the Director of Aden Electricity, Mr. Saim Al-Walidi, communicated with him to intervene to free the fuel trucks, moved from Aden at midnight on Sunday to Khabar Al- Marqashah and Al-Arqoub and was able to convince citizens and soldiers who demanded rights to release the locomotives as a humanitarian aspect, given the exhaustion of electric fuel. Aden and stations out of service.
The source stated that the tugs were moving with Al-Marqashi and were on their way to Aden at dawn on Monday.
Expressing his thanks and appreciation for the efforts made by the tribal Sheikh and the military commander, Brigadier General Ahmed Mansour Al-Marqashi, whose efforts have been crowned with success.

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