Calculations of the Gaza war from the angle of the interests of the main powers.| Nasser Al-Mashre’ wrote

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In its war against Gaza, Israel crossed all borders and the situation there can at least be described as a war of extermination and organized state terrorism in every sense of the word.
The bombing of hospitals and asylum centers and the unjust siege are indicators measuring the extent of Israel’s exaggerated reaction and the exploitation of the time factor to prevent the region from slipping into a wider and longer war, which the Zionist entity will not be able to do. a bear

Therefore, the preliminaries of the war do not only target Hamas, but rather target something beyond Hamas, such as a resistance movement that possesses only a small amount of power compared to the power of the opponent.
As for the relaxed Arab position, it is because the Arabs are sure that the time of the war is the will of Iran, followed by Russia and China, and that this war will come after it, that is, beyond Gaza.

In more precise detail, the plan is large and carefully studied, and goes beyond the calculations of the Arab-Israeli conflict and features that seem to be a large-scale war and for a longer time related to the conflict between the main powers. , starting to ease Western American pressure on Russia in Ukraine, and then economic calculations and problems whose roots go back to the Cold War between the East and the West. Choosing Israel as a starting point is because, for America and the West, the State. of Israel is considered the policeman of the region and the protector of the interests and ambitions of the West in the Arab world.
If the war develops, and I think it may develop, Iran’s arms will have specific missions.

Hezbollah’s mission is to engage Israel on the Lebanese front, in addition to the mission to direct the strike against the American fleets. Regarding the issue of supplying the party with missiles intended for ships, it happened during the Russian presence in Syria.
The mission of the Houthis is limited to closing Bab al-Mandab and capturing it with sea mines, preventing the passage of oil, and this can lead to a crazy increase in the price of oil, and here the United States will take the initiative to negotiate with Russia, forced and against its will .
The mission of the militias in Iraq and Syria is to attack American bases and skirmishes on the Syrian Golan Front.

In this case, America’s position will be according to the law of the chess game, checkmate, and its options will be limited.
But the result in all cases is the liquidation of the Palestinian issue and its transformation into an issue for business by regional and international powers in light of an Arab position unable to do anything, after more than three decades of Arabs occupying themselves and removing countries that. were influential on the map of conflict with Israel, and that is the reason for the The Arab position is confused about what is happening in Gaza.

Therefore, we will face difficult days, and we will pay the price for the conflict of the major powers, and neither our emotions nor the infallible speeches of the sheikhs of political Islamic groups will help us, the seed of evil planted by western intelligence in the sick Arab body, to reach a scene whose characteristics have clearly emerged and which we live today in reality.


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