Conclusion of the preparatory camp for the junior national team in the city of Lauder, Abyan

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Charger (Aden of Tomorrow) Ahmed Al-Hamidi

This morning, Monday, November 13, the preparatory camp for the junior national team in Lawdar District, Abyan Governorate, was concluded after a review of the players’ levels during the preliminary camp period, which took place in Al-Nasser Stadium, affiliated to the Irfan. Sports Club, after intense and varied exercises carried out by coach Samer Fadl in two morning and evening periods, and examination of the final squad, which will merge with the Sanaa group in the last camp and choose the last official squad to select players who will represent the. team in the upcoming matches and who possess high skills and abilities to be selected to represent the team that will compete in the West Asian Championship next December.

The preparatory camp for the junior team lasted for three days, in two morning and evening periods, with intensified and varied exercises by coach Samer Fadl, who was impressed by the level of the players during the training period despite the limited time, but there are indications , that the players will provide an honorable performance during the upcoming training sessions.

At the end of the preparatory camp, the coach of the junior team, captain Samer Fadl, gathered the players, noting that the selection will take place after the Sanaa meeting, to see the level and efficiency of the players in the meeting. He encouraged them to continue training, maintain their physical fitness, develop their skills and not lose heart, because the future is ahead of them if they are selected. It is better for the first official squad, although there are upcoming fees, and the team will be strengthened with those existing names because they were included in the lists at the ABC levels, and not to look for new faces that do not have the skills and abilities of those names that went through the initial preparatory camp and were not lucky in being selected.

At the end of his speech, Captain “Fadl” expressed his thanks and appreciation to Abyan Governorate, specifically Lawdar District, for the warm hospitality and welcome. Captain Samer Fadl praised the role of the President of Al-Hand Sports Club, Sheikh Ahmed Abdullah Al-Qutba, for his support to the preparatory camp and using the skills of the delegation of the team. He also thanked the management of the Irfan Sports Club for hosting This is the first sports event of this kind in the province.

It is possible that the coach of the national team, Samer Fadl, will leave next Wednesday for Sanaa to review the Sanaa pool, choose the lineup of Sanaa pool players before the final camp, and choose the official lineup from the two pools that will compete in the West Asian Championship next December.

The conclusion of the preparatory camp for the junior national team was attended by the delegation manager of the team, Captain Arif Al-Wadi, the coach of the goalkeepers, Captain Salem Amin, the secretary of the competition commission of the county, Captain Salah Alala, the secretariat of the committee of referees of the county, Captain Khaled Al-Yazidi, the director of the youth and sports office in the board, Captain Muhammad Abdullah Al-Yafei, and the head of the Irfan Sports Club, Sheikh Jalal Al-Azani .Environmental coordinator for the youth team, Muhammad Muhaim, members of the administrations of Al-Hudna Club and Irfan Sports Club, and some sports and social figures in the board.

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