Cover the foolishness!!| Dr. wrote. Abdul Karim Al-Wazzan

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Sakhul are female goats, and in Iraq they are called (Sakhul). The male goat is called a goat or kid.
It was said that the sakhool is covered because this type of goat always exposes its reproductive organs and buttocks and keeps its tail raised. His mating and intercourse are public and at any place and time. That is why some people mock the lack of concealment and loss of decency and modesty saying (cover the shameful)!!
For more than a month, Arabs and Muslims have been slaughtering in public in a systematic and brutal manner, and we still hear fanfare and see no flour. We often heard expressions of denunciation and humiliation, condemnation and humiliation, liberation and justification, resistance and contracting, deterrence and repulsion, falafel and eggplant, and the waste of billions of dollars, and the media did not stay with an enthusiastic rhetorical phrase that shook the body and gritted his teeth without uttering it. When the incident happened and the siblings and cousins ​​took refuge with their own people, the masks fell and the private parts of some were exposed until their buttocks appeared in front of everyone and their veils became like blankets (shoes) !!.
We note that the Ministry of Health in Gaza says that more than 4,237 children have been killed since last October 7.
We remind you what UNRWA has stated, stating that every ten minutes a child is killed.
We note that the number of civilian casualties is close to 12,000.
Know that there are approximately 3,000 thousand missing persons under the rubble of homes, according to official reports.
More than 50,000 citizens were displaced from the north of the Gaza Strip to the south.
One and a half million are displaced
A third of the city is completely destroyed.
It became a common practice to bomb hospitals, ambulances and residential buildings.
There is no annihilated organization, party or militia, but rather a people with all the meanings and sanctity that this word carries. How can you satisfy consciences and forget that history and identity cannot be erased?
What is happening today in Palestine is a phase that will be followed by phases in other countries that share the same components, but after a while it will be known by the oppressor!!
Now, as a matter of the weakest faith, our people there, feeling betrayed and incapacitated, are only asking for support through the delivery of humanitarian aid and an end to the massacres against them. Is this something difficult to obtain and achieve?!
Oh God, we ask you for good understanding and conclusion. O God, give us victory over those who have done us wrong, and do not increase the wrongdoers except astray. O God, cover us above the earth and under the earth, and do not expose us and make our cover like (the cover of darkness)!!

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