Don’t worry after today, calm down Netanyahu! Written by Nayel Arif Al-Emadi

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The concern of the Arab leaders worried Netanyahu, who in turn asked the Arab leaders to keep quiet and not express concern. Even expressing concern is unacceptable and not permissible for the Arab leaders. What humiliation did the rulers and Arab leaders achieve? They are prevented. of anxiety, which is the only thing they are capable of. No, Netanyahu, what is this speech? What dignity have you preserved for our rulers? Before their people. Couldn’t you threaten them secretly between you and them? Why? do you insist on insulting them in front of their people?

As Arab peoples, we have lost faith in our rulers, and we know for sure that our rulers serve the Zionist entity, but for the matter to come to the point of forcing them to be silent and silent about all the brutal crimes, massacres. , and genocidal wars carried out by the army of the Zionist entity against our people in Gaza, is something that cannot be tolerated, as the free people of the world are in some The European countries and the countries of South America had honorable positions in the name of mankind. and not in the name of religion and Arabism. Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves, rulers of my nations? why do you have any dignity or Arabism left? Damn you, it’s a pity that you couldn’t bring water, medicine; and fuel into Gaza. Why then all these armies, weapons and maneuvers? Why all this? Processions and summits?

If you fail to protect Gaza, who will you protect? Gaza is considered the first line of defense for the Arab countries. The American-Zionist project is very big, and I don’t think you are unaware of it. The project,

Silence, silence, that your reign may continue, and expression of concern is forbidden to you, thus said your master.

Don’t worry anymore, no denunciation, no denunciation. That is the situation of our Arab rulers after Netanyahu’s request…..!

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