Dr. Amin Nasher Higher Institute of Health Sciences is organizing a solidarity event with the Palestinian people

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It happened today, Monday, 11/13/2023 AD, at the Dr. Institute. Secretary of the Institute of Health Sciences, a student event in solidarity with the Palestinian people, who are subjected to violations and genocide in the Gaza Strip by the Zionist occupation occupying the Holy Land.

Dr. Jamal Nasser Amdhib, Dean of the Institute, was at the forefront of the audience, accompanied by Major General Dr. Qaid Atef Saleh Al-Mashali, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Interior for the Human and Financial Resources Sector, carrying the Palestinian Keffiyeh. The event began with the reading of verses from the Holy Quran, then the honorable crowd stood and recited Surah Al-Fatihah to the souls.Martyrs.

The segments of the event continued with a sad acting scene showing part of the tragedy and massacres committed against the civilian population in a heartbreaking way for the martyrs and wounded on the ground and the inability of medical teams to provide them with help.

And Dr. Jamal Amdhib gave a speech in which he welcomed the guests and thanked the male and female students for organizing this event, especially the third level students majoring in dental technician and A. Rabab Harhara, Head of the Activities Department, who truly expressed what he was going through the Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza Strip, and what the targeted medical and health teams in Gaza are facing from the Israeli war machine and the difficulties and inability to provide the most basic needs of the wounded, demanding real solidarity with our people in Gaza and providing Support in every possible way.

Then the artist Hisham Al-Yamani, Ambassador of the International Parliament for Children and star of The Voice Kids, presented an artistic performance, “Zahrat Al-Mada’in.” Then the student poet Yasser Suleiman recited an expressive solidarity poem with which the audience interacted a lot.

In conclusion, the attendees were shown a mini-exhibition of historical symbols and some popular Palestinian dishes.

By Zuhair Ahmed Al-Khader

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