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At this sensitive stage in the history of the whole world in general and the Middle East and the Arab region in particular
With the collapse that some (powerful) regional Arab countries were subjected to as a result of Zionist-Crusader conspiracies, which was followed by the spread of chaos and proxy wars, as a result of the renewed ambitions and resources of the main powers in the Arab countries , and with the appearance of signs of a revival of hegemony over the Arab region through direct intervention under the name of support (Israel and its right to defend itself) and the attempt to liquidate the Palestinian cause by killing, displacing and persecuting its people.
Because the Arab regime is currently going through a stage of extreme weakness, which has made it a target for regional powers that are ambitious for expansion and expansion, such as (Iran) or implanted in the Arab body, such as (the Zionist entity) ,
It is necessary to quickly reposition and pivot to the Arabs to impose a power equation and restore the reputation of this betrayed nation.
This will only be achieved by rallying around the main state and the mother state and providing it with the opportunity and pushing it to regain its leadership, pioneering and historic role, which is – Egypt –
Egypt, which always comes to the rescue of the nation and preserves dignity
It discourages the oppressive invader, defeats brutal falsehood, and restores the standing of the nation.
The ruins of misery will disappear and the clouds of sorrow will disperse
Because Egypt possesses all the skills to play this role and at this particular time…

Here we must remember that Egypt was named by God Almighty according to inspiration from heaven
And its security and its people until the Day of Resurrection, according to the saying of the Almighty:
(Enter Egypt, God willing, safely)
It is the only land that contains the treasures of the earth, as God Almighty says: (Place me over the treasures of the earth)
Egypt was the first country formed on Earth ten thousand years ago
Egypt is located in the heart of the world and in the most important place of a country on the global level
It paid and pays a price for this place – and at any price – from invasions, colonial campaigns and expansionist ambitions.
Throughout history, those addicted to control freaks and drunks motivated by control have been exposed to it.

That is why the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, mentioned that its people are in slavery until the Day of Judgment and that its soldiers are the best of the armies.
This is only because of the many conspiracies and attacks that almost never stop from this great country
It was targeted by invaders coming from its east, such as the Mongols, Tatars, Turkmen and Persians.
It was also targeted by greedy people from the northeast, such as the Magadna, Circassians, Bulgarians, and Hungarians, in addition to the crusaders coming from the northwest of Europe, the Germans, the English, the Belgians, and the Italians.
As for its south, successive Abyssinian kingdoms and groups of African gypsies invaded, expanded and crept into Egypt through different eras of history.

Egypt is a country whose importance is not limited to itself
But to others in all four directions and across different eras
Egypt is the lock and key to the continent of Africa and the Indian Ocean
It is like the head of the body for the Arab world and its Afro-Asian side
Egypt is considered the beating heart of the Islamic world
It is the thorn in the balance between the East and the West of the world
While it is considered an important input in the strategic security of Euro-Mediterranean countries.
They are the origin and others are branches, which are letters, words, sentences and other points, signs and signs.
They are the Books and Psalms, which are the Torah, the Gospel and the Criterion
They are Abraham, Ishmael, Jacob, Joseph, the Lions, Idris, Egypt, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, peace be upon them all.
They are Hajar, Asiya bint Muzahim, and Maryam bint Imran.

Egypt is (figs, olives, and Tursinen) and it is (the Sacred Valley of Tuwa)
Egypt is the river, the sea, the earth, the staff, the manna, the quails, patience and piety.
Egypt is the one with the masts, which are Mansoura, Hattin, Ain Jalut, Abu Qir, Alamein, and Obour Bar Lev.
Egypt is Amr bin Al-Aas, Saladin, Al-Zahir Baybars, Saif Al-Din Qutuz, Al-Azz bin Abdul Salam, Suleiman Al-Halabi, it is Ahmed Orabi, Saad Zaghloul, Muhammad Ali, Yahya Al-Mashad, Magdi Yaqoub, and Farouk Al-Baz. It is the mother of the world, the melody of eternity, the voice of the Arabs, the goal of the Persians and the beacon of science.

Egypt is Al-Shafi’i, Shawqi, Al-Mashhad and Al-Shaarawi, and it is Al-Shazly, Shalout, Shenouda and Shaker
They are Al-Rafi’i, Al-Ghazali, Al-Aqqad, and Al-Hakim
Egypt is unity, strength, depth and nation
Egypt is the people, the army, the mind, the pen, the state, Al-Azhar and the church
Egypt is principles and values, science and pen
It is strength and support
It’s a win, win, win and supporter
It is spirit and matter together
Egypt is the past, the present and the future
Egypt is motherhood, fatherhood and brotherhood
Egypt is Sanaa, Aden, Saada, Hodeidah and Hadramaut
They are Baghdad, Basra, Riyadh and Muscat
These are Algeria, Rabat, Khartoum, and Tunisia.
Egypt is the Suez Canal, Bab al-Mandab and the Strait of Hormuz
They are white, red and Arab from the seas and gulfs..

Factors of the existing and permanent strength of the Egyptian state:
1 – Science
2- Civilization
3- History
4 – Geography
5- Religion
6 – The broad and unified national identity, which sees itself as a position wider than its location, a status greater than its geography, and a role that transcends its borders.
7 – Nile
8- Unity of the people
9 – The Arab body (Egypt represents the head of that body)
10 – Status and status…

As for the pillars of Egyptian power throughout history, they are reached as follows:
*The people
* State (institutions)
* Army
* Leadership
* An honorable legacy
* Latent power..

What remains to be said, Arabs:
If the poison has been put into your body, its antidote is present in your intestines and in your breath.
Your ancestors said:
If the antidote is found, the poison will be nullified, and tayammum should not be performed in the presence of water.

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