Harvesting of the sesame crop known as ‘jalyal’ begins in Lahj

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Adoption (Aden of Tomorrow) by Yasser Muqbel

The cultivation of sesame, known as “jalal”, in the Tuban District of Lahj Governorate witnessed an increase during the current year due to the demand of farmers to grow the sesame crop, which is cultivated and harvested by hand.

The sesame crop was cultivated in various agricultural areas in the Balhaj hay delta. It is one of the cheap crops compared to vegetables, tomatoes and onions, for example. Today, the agricultural lands in Lahj witness the harvest of the sesame crop known as “jalyal” , whose growing season lasts three months.

Sesame cultivation goes through a number of stages that farmers call (peak), then (natakhah), then (small chuenh shun) for a period of twenty days, after which comes the (hatit) stage where it is beaten for cleaning and then sifted , and is packed in bags and sold to merchants.

Lahij sesame is characterized by its dark brown color and has a sweet taste and a special taste. The sesame crop is considered to have a great financial benefit and is used in dining tables and as a treatment for some diseases and is used in many food industries. .. These pictures are from Al-Ara’is Al-Anad farms in Wadi Al-A’adham, in Lahj.

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