Mined invitation by Walid Fares Written by Ahmed bin Shuba

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I followed, as others followed, the statements of the American Walid Fares, one of Trump’s former advisors and known for his extremist tendencies and support for Israel, which he recorded on his account on the related to the Khomeini axis, liberating Yemen from they , and stopping what he called the absurdity of Houthi missiles targeting Israel!

This is a suspicious call because of its sensitive timing. The call came after the Houthis targeted Israel with a number of missiles and drones, and the region as a whole is on a hot plate due to the events in the occupied Palestinian territories and the impact. of the brutal massacres carried out by the occupying forces against innocent people in Gaza.

Is there a strategy in the mind of the American policy maker? And here I am not referring to Walid Fares, who may have thrown a stone into the stagnant waters of the Yemeni crisis, to disturb it for the benefit of American policy and strategy in Yemen. This call explicitly requires to make the South and its forces the spearhead of the American-Israeli project in the region. The south of the island, the Gulf of Aden, and Bab al-Mandab, against the Iranian project and its local substitute. , the Houthis, meaning to throw the south and its forces into an open conflict with the forces of the north, in which the winner will be defeated.

Indeed, this confrontation may pave the way for the Houthis to extend their hegemony over the south and Yemen in general, because American policy is always shrouded in ambiguity and changes according to its interests.

That is why we must guard against such false appeals, and deeply study any external support in the framework of mutual interests, in a way that does not affect our just reasons on the near and long-term levels.

The South and its forces have a clear goal, which is to restore a state that existed before the year 90, an independent and sovereign state, and not a war project for any regional or international party.

The concern of those responsible for the southern issue at the present time must be to establish security and economic stability, and not to neglect the gains achieved during nine years of war, engaging in the game of axes and in fronts and confrontations with the Houthis and the north in general, for whom we are indispensable. Today, the region and we and our cause are part of it. You have to build bridges of communication, reconciliation, and reject differences, and we’ve seen signs of that breakthrough with the Saudi-Iranian rapprochement.

Therefore, it is first necessary to focus on the southern issue, away from the conflicts that are dominated by international powers that have an interest in fragmenting the region and continuing conflicts there.

Oh God, Oh God, I testify reached

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