The Chief of the General Staff witnesses the inauguration of the second session of Chiefs of Armed Forces Operations 2023

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On Sunday, Chief of the General Staff and Commander of Joint Operations, Lieutenant General Dr. Saghir bin Aziz, attended the inauguration of the second session of the Chiefs of Operations of the Armed Forces 2023, under the slogan (Preparing the Road to Victory) .

The Chief of General Staff conveyed to those present the greetings of the political and military leadership, represented by His Excellency the President of the Presidential Command Council, Dr. Rashad Mohammed Al-Alimi, members of the Council, His Excellency the Prime Minister, and His Excellency the Minister of Defense.

Lieutenant General Bin Aziz praised the efforts of the Presidency of the Operational Authority in the field of training and qualification for operations in regions, axes and military units, he praised the quality achievements achieved by the Authority during the training, combat and operational year 2023.

He also commended the level of attendance and discipline of the operational leaders of the armed forces participating in this course, stressing the importance of making the most of the programs of the course as it will enhance the capabilities of the armed forces and strengthen their performance in the course . the holy national fight against the Iran-backed Houthi terrorist group and its destructive cross-border project.

The Chief of the General Staff emphasized the importance of training and qualification in building the armed forces on sound and sound scientific foundations to achieve a decisive and complete victory for our Yemeni people who are suffering from the scourge of war caused by the terrorist Houthi. a group

For his part, the head of the Operational Authority, Major General Khaled Al-Ashwal, explained that the launch of this course comes as a continuation of the plans for institutional and organizational building of the armed forces, especially the methods, methods and mechanism of working in the operational aspect at the tactical and tactical levels.

He explained that the course aims to raise the level of operational performance of operational leaders, perfect their skills, standardize combat documents, terminology and military concepts according to approved references in the Yemeni armed forces, and also exchange accumulated experiences in the operational. field on battlefields.

Major General Al-Ashwal indicated that the results of this session will reflect positively on the performance of the operational chiefs of the work entrusted to them in the regions, axes and fronts in the theater of operations of the Republic of Yemen, effectively and competently, enabling our armed forces to complete the restoration of state institutions and stop the coup.

Al-Ashwal emphasized that the Presidency of the Operational Authority will spare no effort to provide everything that would raise the level of activity in operational aspects, restore the level of combat readiness and organize cooperation between the various forces, regions and axes in the theater of operations of the Republic of Yemen.

The inaugural event was attended by a number of military leaders from the Ministry of Defence.

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