The Eden nation Rachid Agina wrote

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To you, you who imprinted history with victories and formed national cohesion in Aden, the civil city that embraces all different cultures in peaceful coexistence.

Aden, those people, expanded geographically, and its population grew exponentially. They intermarried and gave birth to boys and girls, and their noses flew into the filth of the Aden schools. Their dialect changed from their childhood to the Aden culture and dialect, and the disgusting racial discrimination disappeared, and everyone, by all standards, formed the civilian Adenian nation.

Aden, people, since the time of British colonialism, has been a model of peaceful coexistence for all races, cultures, civilizations, religions and sects, and they all made up the civil Aden nation, without regionalism or racism, and civil law prevailed. with justice and judges from various races.

Aden, these people, expanded with its inhabitants from all the southern, northern, western and eastern governorates. Aden was the jewel of the global economy and the sea corridor for all the giant commercial and oil tankers passing through Bab al-Mandab, connecting the three continents of Europe, Africa and Asia. It was the fourth international port and Aden was a free zone and transit port that receives and exports goods. The civil law of the municipality was the law applicable to all commercial, industrial and environmental activities. , and municipal sanitation workers and garbage trucks roamed the streets at their appointed times.. The central municipal market in Crater still stands tall and belongs to the municipality.

Oh, those Adenites whose heart resides and whose children roll in its soil is Aden. The slogan of Aden for the Adenites was against the importation of foreigners from the colonies of the British Commonwealth to take jobs and commercial, industrial and economic work. They deprived the people of Aden of their right to work, and therefore the slogan was Aden for the Adenis, and that old era ended.

International political and economic conflicts to control seaports, especially the geography of Aden and its distinctive location that God gave it to be the jewel of the global economy, so keep it, abandon regionalism and racism, and let us coexist in peace. and security, and the stability of the motherland is the most beautiful…

Greetings to the Adenia nation…

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