The Executive Unit discusses with International Migration the evaluation of the results of the field survey

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Today, Tuesday, the Executive Unit for Displaced Persons and International Migration held a meeting to discuss the evaluation of the results of the 39th round survey on the evaluation of an area that included 12 governorates in Yemen.

During the meeting, the Executive Unit explained that the results of the survey found that there are 2.8 million displaced persons in the counties administered by the legitimate government, 1.8 million returnees, and 42 thousand immigrants.

During the meeting, attendees emphasized the need to use these statistics in the humanitarian response plan for the year 2024, and noted that not adopting these statistics will affect the humanitarian response in 12 counties, which will negatively reflect the increased suffering of 2, 8 million displaced people. people in need of humanitarian aid.

The attendees emphasized that the results on returnees will be the basic foundation in planning lasting solutions to deal with internal displacement.

The meeting was attended by the Executive Unit for Displaced Persons: Maha Al-Maqtari, Director of the Unit Headquarters, and Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansari, Director of the Department of Information Systems and Reports.

The meeting was attended by the International Organization for Migration: Zirihun, Director of Mobility Matrix Programs, Wiam Ahmed, Relations Officer, and Amjad Hassan, Area Assessment Survey Coordinator.

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