The Health Complex in Al-Tawahi and Al-Qalaa hosts a free medical camp for diabetics in Aden

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By Ashjan Al-Maqtari
Al-Tawahi Complex in Aden held a free medical camp for diabetics for two days, Monday and Tuesday, in the regions of Al-Tawahi and Al-Qala’a, on the occasion of World Diabetes Day, November 14, in coordination with Dr . Mayada Rajeh, and with the sponsorship of Health Gate Company for Importing Medicines and Medical Supplies Ltd. and the Yemeni-Egyptian Company for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Trade, under the supervision of the Public Health and Population Office in Aden Governorate, and the District Health Office.
On this occasion, which is celebrated by the whole world, Dr. Mayada Rajeh – a specialist in internal medicine and diabetes said: November 14 falls, as is our custom every year, we conduct free camps to measure sugar and examine patients, and to distribute treatments for free to patients with limited income with the support of pharmaceutical companies, and this year it was Health Gate and the Yemeni Egyptian company are pioneers in providing patients with treatments, and then examined more than 50 cases.
She added: This was the first day of the camp in the Tawahi Complex, and the second day in the Al-Qaloua Complex.

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