The Minister of Health inspects the diarrhea isolation center at Al-Sadaqa Hospital in Aden

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(Aden of tomorrow) Sabant:

Today, the Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr. Qasim Bahibah, inspected the emergency departments and the isolation center at the Friendship General Teaching Hospital in Aden, accompanied by the representative of the World Health Organization in Yemen, Dr. Arturo Besegan

The director of the hospital, Dr. Raja Massad, gave an explanation of the work flow of the hospital and the measures taken to contain cases of acute watery diarrhea that appeared among African immigrants, the health care provided to them, and to ensure that it does not spread in the host. community… She touched on some necessary needs that must be available to face any possibility of transmission of infection… Confirming that the infection will not be transmitted to any Yemeni citizen.

The Minister of Health emphasized the need to activate the work of responsive and vigilant teams, strengthen preventive aspects, mobilize the energies of the relevant sectors, and unite their efforts for any emergency options. He emphasized the need for the National Center for Health and Population . Education and Information to play the role assigned to it in educating the community and providing an effective awareness message that improves preventive aspects and how to Avoid infection.

The minister directed all health offices to activate the treatment guide for acute watery diarrhea, strengthen isolation centers and set up irrigation corners in them… stressing the need to prepare an integrated action plan to face the spread of diarrhea in which health sector partners and relevant authorities participate.

While the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for the Primary Care Sector, Dr. Ali Al-Walidi, presented a summary of the epidemiological situation in the country and the measures taken to contain the consequences of the emergence of cases of acute watery diarrhea among Oromo . immigrants

For his part, the representative of the World Health Organization affirmed the organization’s support and support to the Ministry of Health, providing it with the necessary technical support, and adopting training programs for health workers to face any crisis.

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